Frequently Asked Questions

Snowdon Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to Walk up Snowdon? 

How long is a piece of string?! Allow 3-4 hours if in any doubt, and that’s just for the ascent. If you’re fitter, then you should be able to make it up and down in that time.

How high is Snowdon?

Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales and it stands at an elevation of 1,085 meters above sea level.

Will the cafe be open?

Generally it’s only open when the train is travelling to the Summit Station. If in doubt, contact the Mountain Railway company. Never plan your walk relying on the cafe to be open!

Can I walk all the way to the top of Snowdon?

Yep – there’s no climbing involved on any of the walking routes. Some scrambling is needed for Crib Goch, Lliwedd and y Gribin.

Can I take my dog up Snowdon?

Yes, taking your dog on a mountain walk is great company for you and great exercise for them. Pease be a responsible dog mountain walker, and check out this article by our sister site Mud and Routes for more info on taking your dog mountain walking.

Which is the easiest Walk up Snowdon?

We use “Easy” very loosely, we are talking about walking up Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales of course! But the easiest Walk up Snowdon would be the Llanberis path route.

Which Walk up Snowdon has the best scenery?

The most scenic Walk up Snowdon in our opinion is the Watkin Path route.

Where can I park my car while on my Walk up Snowdon?

Check out our handy Parking and Public Transport guide.

Which walk up Snowdon is the best for the National Three Peaks Challenge?

Three peakers usually go for either the PYG or Miner’s Track. If you’re planning on taking on the National Three Peaks Challenge then why not visit our sister site cleverly named Walk up the Three Peaks, an online guidebook dedicated to all things three peaks.

I’m not 100% confident self-guiding, can I get a guide?

If you’re looking for support/leadership on your Walk up Snowdon then we’ve started partnering up with local guiding providers to bring you a list of suitable professional guides.

(if you’re a guide and want to advertise with us then add your listing here for FREE!)

What equipment should I take on my Walk up Snowdon?

Taking on a walk up Snowdon requires suitable equipment no matter what time of year you attempt your ascent. For a full rundown take a look at our equipment article.

Can I mountain bike up Snowdon?

Yes, mountain biking up Snowdon is one of the UK’s true big mountain epic rides. Be aware there is a Snowdon voluntary cycling agreement between 10am and 5pm from May to the end of September. Check out our Mountain Biking up Snowdon article for all the info.

How much does it cost to stay at the hotel?

About three and six in old money the last time it was open… Seriously, there’s no accommodation on the top!

Do you arrange mortgages to pay for the parking in Pen y Pass?

No. I really wouldn’t want to be responsible for handling such money. I’d rather sort out Greece’s financial deficit.

Are you running out of questions and putting silly ones in now?

Er…. yep…

More Questions? Please ask them at our Mud and Routes- Walk up Snowdon forum. We’ve had so many requests via comments and email for advice, that we cannot respond to everybody and still get outside to produce all our lovely content! Asking on a forum means the advice is shared with everyone, as well as the opportunity for other experienced voices to chime in.

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