Easy Walks From Llanberis in Snowdonia

So you’re in the Llanberis area, ready to climb Snowdon, and you want a quick leg stretch the day before. Or the weather’s turned against you, either it’s too wet and windy or the snow’s come down and you’ve taken the wise decision not to risk it. Here’s a selection of what we’d class as ‘easy’ walk from Llanberis. They do involve up to 5km of walking and may involve some steep but short ascents – so compared to a flat tarmac path around a park – they’re hard! They’re just easy compared to the ascent of Snowdon. These walks are all from the actual village of Llanberis, no clickbait to get you reading and then you find out the walks start half an hour away.

What’s the lake in Llanberis actually called? You may see some call it “Llanberis” Lake – but show us a map with that written on it and we’ll show you a map that’s wrong! It’s proper name is Llyn Padarn – which might be difficult to say, but’re just swapping one Ll word for another.  For a quick pronunciation tip – when an Ll appears at the start of a welsh pace name then simply pronounce the Ll as an L – rather than attempting to sound like Daffy Duck and pronounce it as “Thl” – Thlanberis does not sound anything like the proper pronunciation and you will probably end up spitting on someone by attempting such a pronunciation. Pronouncing it as an L doesn’t grate against the Welsh ear as it’s a correct mutation in many cases and just sounds better than Thlanberis… And that Ll sound is damn hard to reproduce! Note that it doesn’t work so well for alliterative place names like “Lyn Lydaw” – nope, just nope, and definitely not Llanelli! Rant Over.. Until we need to write a post about “Bala Lake”…..

1 Lon Las Peris Walk

We mentioned that these walks from Llanberis were easy compared to a tarmac walk in the park. Here’s a tarmac walk along the lakeside of Llyn Padarn. This is as easy as it gets, as you can walk out as far as you want and just turn back. It’s also a cycle route, and so this route is reasonably accessible for pushchairs on this initial section.

We recommend that you start at the Lagoons parking – LL55 4EL for sat nav- which are situated off the main road as a staggered junction near just past where you’d enter the village from Caernarfon – and it’s an immediate left junction.

Note that the entire white waymaked route takes you around the lake – at around 8km is a moderate walk and harder than the others on this page.

2 Walk to Ceunant Mawr Llanberis Waterfall

This is another easy walk, but the path is rougher in places and not regarded as an accessible route. It’s barely a 1km walk, and is found just off the start of the Llanberis Path up Snowdon – so you can tag this onto the end of your walk if you’re still fresh enough. Be warned – it’s not recommended you swim here – no matter how tempting that pool looks on a hot summer day.

Easy Walks From Llanberis Snowdonia

3 Castell Dolbadarn Walk

This is an easy walk to the native Welsh castle of Castell Dolbadarn which can start from Gilfach Ddu or the car park ar Pentre Castell (on the main road just past the Royal Victoria towards Nant Peris).

4 Padarn Country Park Walks

The Padarn Country Park can be found on the far side of Llyn Padarn at Gilfach Ddu. This is a great place to base yourself outside the village as it has the National Slate Museum and the main station for the heritage Llanberis Lake Railway.  There are five easier way-marked walks in the Padarn Country Park to choose from. The blue way-marked Glas y Dorlan (Kingfisher Trail) is an accessible route, and the red way-marked trail is an easy plod to the old quarry hospital. The remaining 3 walks are slightly longer, with the Nature Trail way-marked in green the easier of them at only 2km. The Woodland Walk is a longer variation on the Nature Trail at 4km, way-marked in yellow. Finally there’s the Vivian Trail to the Vivian quarry which involves a couple of steep sections and 4km of walking, but without doubt the best views of the lot!

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